M&S choose fold flat rigid for Festive Box

When M&S were looking for a promotional gift set to reward customers who spent more than £75 in store they turned to their packing partners for ideas.

The pack needed to be of high quality  including a multi-colour print, gold ink and gold foil, with  sufficient strength and rigidity to hold a bottle of wine and 2 packs of chocolates. Furthermore the packaging needed to be produced within 6 weeks of order and packed and delivered within 8 weeks of the start date.

Ideally M&S wanted a rigid gift set but due to the volume and time constraints sourcing packaging from Asia was an impossibility. As such they turned to their supply partners for help.

Contract packing supplier Mailway had the packing credentials to fulfill the order but turned to their packaging partner and design specialists Concept to come up with a packaging solution.

Festive box reducedWithout hesitation Concept recommended their unique fold flat rigid technology whereby a clever locking combination allows flat components to be very quickly assembled into a box without any gluing but with all the strength and features of a traditional paper covered rigid box.

Not only is this an environmentally friendly option through the supply chain but it is designed to be assembled and fulfilled simultaneously for maximum efficiency and competitiveness.

Having offered the unique solution Mailway and Concept worked closely together with Teeside print manufacturer Harrison Packaging to ensure that 300,000 high quality ‘rigid’ boxes were delivered in flat format ahead of schedule within 5 weeks of placing the order.

Mailway then created an ingenious packing line which assembled the flat components and packed the product into the gift set simultaneously. Such was the speed and efficiency of the assembly line that at full speed the line was producing 24 full packs a minute – or a complete gift set every 2.5 seconds.

The finished pack was displayed prominently throughout key M&S stores as below

press release 3

Concepts solution offers Retailers, Brands and packers multiple benefits

  • Designed as a cost effective high quality alternative to a paper covered rigid box
  • Significantly reduced lead times – weeks NOT months
  • Improved project management capabilities via short lead times and UK supply
  • Ability to respond to market demands with quick turnaround re-prints within weeks
  • Reduced lead times allows last minute changes to be incorporated
  • Created for maximum supply chain and packing efficiency
  • No gluing – all components manufactured and delivered flat
  • Reduces goods inwards by up to 65% compared to a rigid box
  • Supply chain savings include significantly reduced storage, handling and no shipping
  • Maximum cost efficiency achieved when assembled and packed simultaneously
  • Full advice and assistance in all aspects of assembly and packing
  • UK designed and can be produced in the UK in weeks not months
  • Produced on carton board allowing higher quality finishes
  • Can include foil blocking – embossing – multiple varnish effects
  • Added value effects using substrates from metallic board to fabric
  • Patented design for protection and stamp of quality

To see a demonstration showing how the fold flat assembles CLICK HERE

For more information contact info@conceptpackagingltd.com

or call Charles Walker on 07496 073 146


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